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Saving information about ChoiceCheapies

How do I edit my review?
A comment can be changed using the edit button, unless (1) it was more than 60 minutes since you made the comment or (2) another member responded to your comment. If you are not able to edit your comment, you may request deletion using the report button.
How do I remove my business?
You can not remove the agreement you. Please press the report button and a moderator will help remove for you. Please note that if the agreement is popular or if the transaction has significant value in terms threads, it can not be removed.
How do I delete an association with a store?
If you have not posted an agreement to associate your store, you can remove the association by going to My Account - Stores. Select the store and click any association like.
If you have posted an agreement to associate your store, you need to contact a moderator via Talk forum moderator.
Can I post my products and post my promotions as a merchant?
Yes you can. You must first register.
Unlike other online communities / forums, we encourage ChoiceCheapies merchants, service providers or store owners to post their special offers on ChoiceCheapies. The reason is simple - if it is a good deal, we want to know! However, there are some points that a merchant may wish to consider.