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Saving information about Hoyts

Bronze membership benefits
As a HOYTS award bronze member, you will enjoy:
When qantas\'s frequent-flier membership is linked to the HOYTS rewards account (qantas members only), the airline gets one frequent-flier point for every $2 ticket and candy bar it spends.
Weekly movie discounts
Premium tickets are $8 and are available daily before 5pm
Candy Bar Promotions
As an added bonus, please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website - click here (AU) here (NZ).
Login information - user name
Your user name is the user name provided to us in the \"member\" column when you activate the member online. Your username can be an email address that links to the account, or it can be a unique username that you create yourself. If you forget your user name, press the \"forget user name\" button when logging in.
Enjoy the convenience of HOYTS electronic gift CARDS! Sent directly to your email address, cardholder can freely decide the movie, place and time, and can also buy at the candy store.