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Saving information about Lime

To be eligible to access the lime, a person must simply demonstrate eligibility or participation in a local program, state or federal management assistance.
Lime Access Members receive the following prizes:
electrically assisted bicycle electric scooters Lime and lime-S-E
$ 0.50 to unlock, $ 0.07 per minute (a 50% or greater reduction)
For Lime pedal bikes:
$ 0.05 for each 30 minutes (95% reduction)
Once you've joined Lime Access, you can also pay in cash at one of 27,000+ PayNearMe outlets.
How much lime?
Lime scooters by the cost of the Uber app to start $ 1 and 15 cents per minute to mount.
How to start and ride?
You start to get the speed first, then press the throttle near your right thumb to accelerate. Familiarize yourself with the first gear. To ride safely, apply the brakes to slow down when needed.
Safety check your car before the race
Before driving, do a quick inspection. If you see son hanging or other visible signs of damage, please report it by application or contact the customer service at [email protected] (or text us at 1 (888) -LIME-345). Please choose another vehicle.